Thank to the knowledge and experience acquired since 2005, during individual and institutional work we are giving you something new – complex interior decoration offer based on digital print. With PRINTERIORS – fully personalized interior is possible, from wall to kitchen table and more. We can materialize all visions by selecting correct materials within proper mechanical treatment process and later – digital print. Our products are designed and manufactured to withstand normal day-to-day usage, and to be with you for long years.

Our company gives you unrestricted possibility in process of creation your fully-individual designed living space. We skip all limitations of standard offer viable on market. In PRINTERIORS – user decides what and how should look like.

Our offer is targeted both, for individual and institutional client. Based on given guidelines we will prepare full offer and technical specification together with competitive price offer with all options and solutions, together with some suggestions if needed.

Assembly help

After having correct information we can advise assembly technique for different surfaces.

We can mount on each surface

No matter the size and if it is glass on wall or wood on brick it will hold.

Material Advisory

We will advise you to choose correct material

Make Your Interior Stand Out

Best, perfectly flat with proper topcoat and finishing.

Amazing Effects

We offer excellent materials to use in your designs - design and make.

Design and Build Something Beautiful

We have plenty of materials to use, wood, glass, metal, PVC. We encourage you to try all.

Unlimited Colors

PRINTERIORS offers color options for every element you see, take control of your colors.

Change Any Element

Each material is different and has its own nature. We can assure good color replication on various surfaces.